Upper Largo

Upper Largo

At the bottom of the hill on the west end of Upper Largo remains the two posts on which are perch eagle stautes which guard the entrance which once lead to Largo House. The mansion left in ruins, was the HQ of the 2st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade who fought under General Sosabowski in Operation Market-Garden and later the roof was taken off to avoid taxes and this is how it stands today.

Coming up the hill into upper Largo on the right is the Upper Largo Hotel, and across from this is the local garage. Passing through Largo and turning left you come to the parish church which is mostly 19th century however the tower and chancel date back to 17th century.

Further on you come to pepper-pottower which marks the spot where the first ever canal was cut in Scotland in the 15th century for a local hero Sir Andrew Wood. He was a successful trading merchant throughout the continent and served under several Kings with the navy. He was given land at Largo and built a castle where he later retired.


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