St Fillans Cave

St Fillans Cave

Giving its name to Pittenweem, Pit meaning place and weem meaning a cave, St Fillan's cave has a important link to the Church and history as a whole. Entrance to the Cave is reached from Cove Wynd, the top of which is lead from the East end of the High Street and comes out at the East end of the harbour. In the 7th century the cave was reached by boat as at this time the harbour did not exist and was no doubt a favourite place for smugglers.

As you enter into the cave it divides at a 'Y', to the left is the well and to the right leads to a partly man made part in which contains an altar which is used as a focal point for local services associated with St John's Episcopal Church and other pilgrimages from all over Scotland.

There are steps that have been roughly cut out into the rock that once lead to an under-ground passage to the Prior of Pittenweem gardens above the cave. The passage was blocked by the rubbish of smugglers over many years but was re-excavated in 1935 when the rector of St John's cleared the cave and it has been reconsecrated as a Christian shrine and can be opened with permission to people who may be interested as well as church services

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