St Monans

Picture of St Monans Seaview

At the western point of St Monans lies the ruins of Newark Castle. Pre 16th century the castle was bought by a Fifer in 1649 David Leslie and had the restorations of Sir Robert Lorimar aspired the Glasgow's Burrell collection could well have been housed here.

Heading back towards St Monans you see St-Monans church which has breathtaking views over the Forth. From the church you walk over Invurie Burn and up onto views over the harbour. St Monans harbour used to see some of the local fishing fleet built here. Until a few years ago Millers boatyard employed many of the local men to build boats, it was a great sight to see a new boat being launched into the harbour especially the largest boat built here as it was only a few feet from hitting the far end of the harbour wall when launched.

Heading east from the harbour you come past the caravan park to the Windmill. Recently restored the Windmill was used for pumping the seawater to the saltpans. From this the water was extracted leaving only the salt. It would take approximately 32 tons of sea water to produce 1 ton of salt.

Above the windmill is a farm, the Coal Farm, so given its name as coal was once mined here, but in the 18th century there was a major underground fire and this caused a slump in production and the mine closed, as did the salt-pans in 1823.

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