Pittenweem Harbour

Dating back to at least 1228, Pittenweem has the only working harbour in the East Neuk. Recently given a facelift, the market is an intriguing place to visit in the early morning when the fish have been landed and the auctioning of the fish takes place. Adjoining the market is ice factory, once an old granary. The ice is loaded into the hull of the boat before they set sail and is used to put over their catch to keep it fresh until they return to port and land it.

Picture of Pittenweem Harbour

Walking round the harbour you come to the Gyles, a white, pan tiled three storey house once belonging to a sea captain in 1626 and restored by the NTS. In front of the Gyles is a small slop leading to a beach enclosed by the outer harbour. Leaving the beach and heading out to the outer pier you reach the fog horn and the extended breakwater, built to make the entrance of the harbour an easier task for the skippers.

From the harbour there are numerous twisting wynds leading to all parts of Pittenweem.


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