May Isle

Lying 6 miles off the coast, the Isle of May is a well known nature reserve. Picture of PuffinsVery popular with Puffins and guillemots the island has recorded over 200 different species of birds.

The island was originally the base for early Christian missionaries but they were forced to retreat to Pittenweem after attcks from the Danish Norsemen. In 1636 the first lighthouse in Scotland was built here. This has since been replaced after the island was purchased in 1815 by the Northern Lighthouse Commission. Despite there being two lights, the Low Light being built in 1843, there have been around 40 ships wrecked on the rocks around the May this century.

When landing on the island you are greeted by a warden who will welcome you and advise you on the walking routes and places of interest. Best walked in a clockwise direction the views on a clear day are breathtaking, and the noise from the birds can be quite astounding.

Trips to the island are available from Anstruther on either the May Princess or fast rib boat Osprey. You can find out more information from their website or can contact direct for dates and times.

May Princess Tel: 07957 585200
Osprey Tel: 01333 310054

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