Lower Largo

Lower Largo

Lower Largo has been described as a one street village with fishermans' dwellings jostling irregularly for space, this may be but it has a certain appeal.

The small harbour on the right coming down from the main road, now virtually empty, once was home to 36 herring boats employing around 80 people. The railway built in 1856 brought a lot of prosperity to Lower Largo and we can see this reflected in the architecture.

The most famous person to come out of Lower Largo must be Robinson Crusoe. At 101 Main Street is a statue marking the thatched cottage where Alexander Selkirk was born. The son of a shoemaker, he left for a life at sea. After a quarrel with the captian of the ship he was put ashore for four lonely years on the deserted island of Juan Fernandez.

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