Kilrenny & Cellardyke


Kilrenny is a quite little village setback from the coast but still has views overlooking the Forth. The Parish Church built in the 15th century, has only the original tower left, everything else has been reconstructed in some manner. The street leading to the church has many 18th century houses, although some have been modified, the most interesting is Brownlea Cottage in Trades Street where the gable end follows the bend in the street. Leading off main street is a lane down to Kilrenny common, this is an ideal picnic spot.

Heading towards Anstruther you can cut down Windmill Road to come into Cellardyke. Turning the right hand bend at the end you can see down to the small harbour, once known as Skinfast. Unfortunately the weather has taken its toll on the harbour, a few winters ago and demolished part of the harbour wall, and although some repairs have been done it means that very few boats are berthed there. Passing the harbour and leading east you come to the East Neuk Outdoors. This is a great opportunity for taking part in canoeing or absailing, if you are interested in the more adventurous sports. The Caravan park is beyond this and has recently been transformed into a very nice site. They have also been renovating some old buildings and making self-catering chalets which look very good.

Going back into Cellardyke you come to the Town Hall, built in 1883. This has also seen some refurbishment lately and is popular for dances. Heading up away from the water you pass the Primary school and opposite the Parish Church. Continuing up you go past the entrance to the Anstruther Holiday camp and this leads you back to the main road

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