Scottish Fisheries Museum

Opened in 1969 the museum tells the history of fishing in the East Neuk.

Once inside the museum and into the courtyard you immediately get the feel of fishing history. The exhibits, each with their own story, showing how fishing has changed dramatically as it reaches the 21st century. At the beginning of the century all the harbours in the East Neuk were full of boats, you could walk from one end of the pier to the other over the boats, now there is only one working harbour and a handful of boats. You are always aware of the dangers of the sea and the Memorial to Scottish Fishermen Lost at Sea is an all to real reminder.Scottish Fisheries Museum

The main attraction has to be the boats themselves. As well as the many models throughout, the old boatyard now houses an array of boats, showing the progression to modern day vessels. There are two Fifies, the Reaper and the White Wing, which are sailed around the coast attending galas and festivals.

With a cosy tearoom this makes a wonderful and interesting way to spend your day.


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