Picture of Beach

Taking its name from Ailie of Ardross, Elie united with Earlsferry in 1929 and has become a very popular holiday resort, especially because of the long golden beaches and watersport activities. Before bridges were built at Queensferry there were regular ferries sailing across to Dunbar, unfortunately this has long gone.

Right at the end of the harbour stands a building that used to be a granary and from where the harbour evolved in 1582. The harbour curves round the bay offering shelter to the beach and novice windsurfers. From the beach you can walk from on end of Elie right out to the far end of Earlsferry. Coming back you pass the beautiful 18 hole golf course, at the back of which used to be a quarry.

In the centre of the village is the rather quaint Parish Church. A typical T shaped church with the pulpit in the middle has seen many changes over the centuries since 1639. The tower at the south side was commissioned in 1726 Sir John Anstruther and has a strange connection in that the clock mechanism that was housed in the tower now drives the floral clock in Edinburgh's Princess street Gardens. The tower only has three faces because when it was built there were no houses north of the church.

Leading out round the coast you come to the light house and Lady's Tower, this was a summerhouse for Lady Janet Anstruther of Elie House. When she went bathing there was a rocky vaulted chamber in which she would change and when she did so a bellman would walk through the streets warning local people to stay away.

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